Newsletter March 2010

Chengdupreached at a Brazilian churchhousehold hygieneNew Hope TaipeiTaipei 101YWAM base OnePlusOne seminar flyer (2.6 MB)visited the museum and later got to relax in an onsenpictures in front of ume (or plum) trees that are in bloomStar Trekinto the boiling pot of oil with his fingersAvatarsurprise party with lots of family and friendsfirst haircutlaughs all the […]

Keep Both Parents From Getting Sick

Florence NightingaleBabyZone articlegermophobehand sanitizersIllness Transmission in the Home: A Possible Role for Alcohol-Based Hand Gelsfull-text versionrotavirusPDFenterocyteslactaseprobiotic

HSK, Noah Milestones & Kakegawa

Hamamatsu Church of the Saviorlive on via the webLabor Thanksgiving DayKakegawa International Christian Schoolmain Yahama piano plantiMovieyear of the Japanese emperorbank books

Gas Saver – 2007 Toyota Yaris (S Trim) Silver – $12,500

Servco Used Car Centergas peaked at around $4.30 per – has 25 owner reviewsproductwiki – has 7 owner video review on youtube

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