Honolulu Free Wifi Hotspot Speeds

Starbucks – Kapahulu After trashing Starbuck’s AT&T wifi abysmallys slow speeds, I was delighted to discover that Starbucks Kapahulu switched over to Google for wifi. Speed is nice! Shweeet!

Letting Go of Your Past: Chapter 3: Finding Identity and Calling

Become Corporate via Individuation and Internalization The Sanfords define the goal of maturity as “becoming corporate”. In this chapter, they throw around big words such as individuation, internalization and incorporation. It might be difficult to follow, but if you dig in and think about this chapter there are valuable gems to be found. Normally we […]

Letting Go of Your Past: Chapter 2: You Are Not Your Parents’ Father or Mother

Parental Inversion and Substitute Mate When a parent is immature, incapable or unavailable, a child may sometimes take responsibility for that parent, sacrificing their childhood in order to fulfill the role of the errant parent. This is called parental inversion. Sometimes the parent is not only MIA (missing in action) as a parent but also […]

Letting Go of Your Past: Chapter 1: Growing Up Again — In Christ

Spiritual Parenting If you are in the red, it’s great to get out of debt. But its even better to be in the black. It’s not enough just to go from negative to zero. Who wants to stay a big fat zero … i.e. broke? In the same way, once the lost are found, they […]

Letting Go of Your Past: Introduction

Letting Go of Your Past, a book by John & Paula Sanford, is part of the curriculum of the Elijah House Basic I training course which Elisabeth and I took last summer at our church, Living Streams Christian Fellowship. I’m finally getting around to reading the book. This is a book summary where every blog […]

The Purity Principle by Randy Alcorn

This quick read injects a healthy dose of fear regarding the nauseating consequences of sexual impurity. Some take-aways: “Purity is always smart; impurity is always stupid.” Obedience doesn’t make you holy, it shows you are wise. Jesus equates leering with adultery. So we have to steer way clear of any possible opportunities for lust to […]

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