Multiple Wildcard Self-Signed SSL on MAMP

I use a MacBook Pro (MBP) to develop a SaaS product that runs on PHP and Apache. Some pages, such as login forms, require SSL. For years, up until yesterday, I had to specially configure my local development machine to specifically not use SSL during testing because I had not setup the laptop to support […]

Chengdu SaaS Startup Feasibility

Is it feasible to setup an R&D unit in Chengdu, China as a way to “jump start” my SaaS startup and get it to scale? A feasibility study is one of the first requirements when submitting an application to the Chinese government to set up a wholly foreign owned enterprise (WFOE) in China. This post […]

Keep Current with New Music on YouTube

I’d never been one to spend hours on YouTube “just cuz”… browsing around. But today I discovered a great use for YouTube. People upload all kinds of music videos with songs from all kinds of artists. In the old days, you’d have to listen to the radio to learn new songs or just go our […]

Video Playlists for Small Groups

My wife has had severe nausea due to pregnancy for the last five weeks. For two Sundays we were house bound. So we had church at home. We had worship on YouTube and watched a sermon on Church in bed was great! Praise God for the Internet! Last night we were talking to some […]

380円 per month Wireless Gate Wifi with BB Mobilepoint in Japan

I finally just figured out how to sign into the paid wifi account I signed up for a month ago with Wireless Gate‘s Yodobashi 380 yen per month plan. That’s a great price! But making it work for an English speaker is not a simple task. It took a lot of Google Translating of their […]

MooEditable – Pure Javascript & CSS power

I’ve been working on extending an MooEditable (a MooTools Javascript powered WYSIWYG in-browser HTML editor) by Lim Chee Aun which integrates Ascribe Dialog and uses icons from famfamfam with WordPress-inspired buttons. I’m very excited about MooEditable because I’ve never before felt that I could have complete control over the previous HTML editors that I’ve used before. […]

Secure Your Facebook

Keep Your Photos Out of Facebook Ads According to Facebook Terms of Service, although you maintain ownership of any photos and videos you upload to Facebook, the very act of uploading them to Facebook grants Facebook a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use your photos and videos worldwide for any purpose … as long as you […]

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