Fu Rong Guo Cui – Chengdu Variety Show

There are two “must do” tourist attractions in Chengdu. The first is to visit the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base. The second is the “Fu Rong Guo Cui” ( 芙蓉国粹) evening variety show that highlights various acts including the Rolling Oil Lamp in local Sichuan Dialect, puppetry, hand shadow puppets and, my favorite, face changing […]

Pleasant Printer Purchase – Canon PIXMA MP259

In China, as a foreigner you are supposed to register at the local police station (派出所) within 24 hours after you enter the country, move to a new place or change your visa. When doing so, you need to bring copies of your passport info page, the China visa page and also your rental contract […]

How to Buy a Bus Pass in Chengdu

In Chengdu has a great bus system. I’m impressed by the bus stops that boast metal shelters and large advertisement windows that look like bus stops in large cities in the U.S. Honolulu’s bus stops by comparison are shabby. The buses have televisions showing CCTV programs for your viewing pleasure. And an pleasant sounding auto-attendant […]

Prenatal Care at a Chinese Hospital in Chengdu

My wife is 23 weeks pregnant with our second child. We’ve been in Chengdu now for about one month and we plan to return home to Hawaii for the baby’s birth sometime around the 32nd week. Air China doesn’t allow pregnant women to fly beyond their 35th week. In the meantime, while still in Chengdu […]

Chengdu Office Rental Market

Q1 2010 Grade A Office Rentals source: DTZ City RMB/m2/month Shanghai 185.54 Beijing 145 Hangzhou 117.71 Guangzhou 117.3 Xi’an 112.32 Chengdu 107.34 Tianjin 102.55 Nanjing 93.38 Qingdao 90.07 Dalian 86.91 Chongqing 62 Wuhan 56.4 Conventional Leased Offices Normally leased office space require lengthy contracts and comes empty (i.e., you need to furnish the office with […]

Chengdu SaaS Startup Feasibility

Is it feasible to setup an R&D unit in Chengdu, China as a way to “jump start” my SaaS startup and get it to scale? A feasibility study is one of the first requirements when submitting an application to the Chinese government to set up a wholly foreign owned enterprise (WFOE) in China. This post […]

Investing in China’s Second Tier Cities

Setting up businesses in a second tier city, rather than in first tier cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou or Shenzhen, is certainly less-glamorous. But they are certainly not without their benefits: cheaper labor costs (with comparable quality to that of first tier cities) cheaper rent cheaper energy costs favorable local policies steady flow of […]

Learning Mandarin Chinese in Chengdu

Learning the Chinese language is a great way to start out if you are relocating to China. It’s also a great way to get a student visa to officially stay in China for more than 30, 60 or 90 days at a time (i.e., the typical limits of a tourist visa). So your question is […]

To Chengdu, or not to Chengdu?

Photo by Maik Lindner We are planning on taking the plunge into the unknown. Should we relocate to China? Right now we are considering the city of Chengdu (成都), the capital of the Sichuan (四川) province, known for its spicy food. Chengdu is a city of 4.75 million people with another 6.5 million in its […]

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