Iga Ninjas and Suzuka Onsen

Monday, February 15th was President’s Day in the U.S. It wasn’t a holiday in Japan but that didn’t stop us from taking the day off and going on a road trip. Funny thing was that I didn’t realize it was a holiday in the U.S. until after we came back. We had a great trip […]

Speaking In Japan

When we prepared to move to Japan for about half a year, it didn’t cross my mind that God would open up doors for me and Elisabeth to speak. On Christmas night, I got to share my first message at a church. My father-in-law, Ben Fowler, pastor of Hamamatsu Sukuinushi Kyokai invited me to share […]

Charity Concert by Chu Kosaka

Today I attended a Christmas concert attended by about two hundred people and put on by the Hamamatsu Christian Center at the Hamanako Royal Hotel in Hamamatsu, Japan. The church is co-pastored by Elisabeth’s grand aunt, Berni Marsh, who has been a missionary in Japan for almost 50 years! The charity concert raised $3,000 for […]

Letting Go of Your Past: Chapter 3: Finding Identity and Calling

Become Corporate via Individuation and Internalization The Sanfords define the goal of maturity as “becoming corporate”. In this chapter, they throw around big words such as individuation, internalization and incorporation. It might be difficult to follow, but if you dig in and think about this chapter there are valuable gems to be found. Normally we […]

HSK, Noah Milestones & Kakegawa

We had a great three-day weekend. On Sunday we went to church at the Hamamatsu Church of the Savior, which Elisabeth’s parents planted 25 years ago. Worship was so fun. They even sang “Friend of God” in Japanese! Elisabeth’s dad, who I call FIL (short for father in-law), preached a great message about walking by […]

Prayer Request: TEN Flat Block Revival

Please pray for our neighbors on our block in Hamamatsu where we live. Pray that: God would draw them to Himself (John 6:44) they desire to know God (2 Chron. 15:4, Acts 17:27) God would give them faith (Eph. 2:8-9) they understand and believe the truth (Rom. 10:17, 1Thess. 2:13) they would know the Father-heart […]

Cords of Love

Elisabeth’s grand aunt Berni saw all our boxes piled up in the genkan (玄関 or foyer) of the Fowler home the day before we transported them to our new apartment in Hamamatsu. A few days later, she called Elisabeth and remarked about the strips of cloth my parents had used to bind up our boxes. […]

Gas Saver – 2007 Toyota Yaris (S Trim) Silver – $12,500

Bought this Toyota Yaris (with sports trim) from Servco Used Car Center in June 2008 when gas peaked at around $4.30 per gallon. The Yaris is known for getting great gas mileage. Gas prices are going up! A/C is cold. Runs perfect. Kelley Blue Book value is $13,455. The car also comes with an Echomaster […]

First Week in Hamamatsu

What a whirlwind week its been since arriving in Hamamatsu! After over six straight weeks of purging through all our possessions in Honolulu, giving things away, selling stuff on Craigslist, packing, cleaning, moving, saying goodbyes, traveling to Japan, buying LOTS of stuff to set up our new apartment in Hamamatsu, getting banking done and applying […]

From Honolulu to Hamamatsu

Hi everyone! Aloha from one odda island! We made it to Japan, arriving 2 days ago and welcomed by Elisabeth’s family and friends here. We had a nice little time having breakfast with Truman’s parents outside of the Hawaii airport. The flight was really good…Noah was a little fussy but nothing too awful. And God […]

Psalm 1 and 2

My wife and I are playing around with Garage Band to record the Bible. Fun! [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Psalm 1 (can you hear Noah playing with his toy in the background?) [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Psalm 2 (cool background jingle)

MooEditable – Pure Javascript & CSS power

I’ve been working on extending an MooEditable (a MooTools Javascript powered WYSIWYG in-browser HTML editor) by Lim Chee Aun which integrates Ascribe Dialog and uses icons from famfamfam with WordPress-inspired buttons. I’m very excited about MooEditable because I’ve never before felt that I could have complete control over the previous HTML editors that I’ve used before. […]

Noah vs. the Apple Sauce

Noah vs. the Apple Sauce from trudat on Vimeo. Noah ate a lot of new things today. Besides a couple fruit flavored puffs and a mum mum (rice cracker), we also gave him some apple sauce. Ooops, he just got a little red rash on his cheeks. Maybe it was the apple sauce.

Secure Your Facebook

Keep Your Photos Out of Facebook Ads According to Facebook Terms of Service, although you maintain ownership of any photos and videos you upload to Facebook, the very act of uploading them to Facebook grants Facebook a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use your photos and videos worldwide for any purpose … as long as you […]

White Boy Speaks Singlish

This is a hilarious video of a teenage missionary kid, Tyler Creasman, who grew up in China and Singapore. He speaks perfect Singlish. In college I hung out with lots of Sinaporean friends so I got to hear the accent a lot, but could never speak it myself. This kid is just like Elisabeth, Peter, […]

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