Learning Mandarin Chinese in Chengdu

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To Chengdu, or not to Chengdu?

PhotoMaik LindnerChengdu MapChengdu Metrohorrendous traffic problemMap by Maxxiellimap by BigMacJamesMinistry of Environmental Protectiondaily air quality dataparticulate matterhttp://siteresources.worldbank.org/DATASTATISTICS/Resources/table3_13.pdf64% more expensive to live in Shanghai than Chengdu37% more expensive in Beijing2009 report by ECA InternationalZhang Yimouone of China’s top ten most livable citiesDriving through Chengdu’s DowntownWikipedia page on ChengduGoChengdooChengdoo City Life MagazineChengdu GroovesMore ChengduMaxxelli Chengdu City GuideSet […]

Newsletter March 2010

Chengdupreached at a Brazilian churchhousehold hygieneNew Hope TaipeiTaipei 101YWAM base OnePlusOne seminar flyer (2.6 MB)visited the museum and later got to relax in an onsenpictures in front of ume (or plum) trees that are in bloomStar Trekinto the boiling pot of oil with his fingersAvatarsurprise party with lots of family and friendsfirst haircutlaughs all the […]

380円 per month Wireless Gate Wifi with BB Mobilepoint in Japan

Wireless GateYodobashi 380 yen per month plansignup formプロモーションコードform translated into Englishaccount management pagelink to a map of area of Hamamatsupasswords for livedoor Wireless and the NRT-Airport

Keep Both Parents From Getting Sick

Florence NightingaleBabyZone articlegermophobehand sanitizersIllness Transmission in the Home: A Possible Role for Alcohol-Based Hand Gelsfull-text versionrotavirusPDFenterocyteslactaseprobiotic

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