Honolulu Free Wifi Hotspot Speeds

Starbucks – Kapahulu

After trashing Starbuck’s AT&T wifi abysmallys slow speeds, I was delighted to discover that Starbucks Kapahulu switched over to Google for wifi. Speed is nice! Shweeet!

Capital One 360 – Hawaii Café

The wifi speeds are great! One downside: VPNs are blocked. All protocols. This is a bank so they’ve got their wifi LOCKED DOWN. Since VPNs are blocked, you have less security using their wifi. And non-normal ports are blocked so there is no cPanel/WHM access possible.


Starbucks – Manoa

Our Kakaako Wifi

So this isn’t a cafe but their wifi is crazy fast! Today I’m at their one day only promotional event just to check out their wifi speed. I AM IMPRESSED! As a security plus, VPN works. There is a Starbucks around the corner but the Our Kakaako Wifi doesn’t reach there as of this writing (March 14, 2014).

Unfortunately a few hours later, the wifi dropped down to a disappointing 4 mpbs. Oh well. Can’t complain. At least its better than Starbucks.


Update 5/1/2014 – Our Kakaako wifi speed is unusable just inside Starbucks on Ala Moana Blvd. My Macbook Air was just behind the plate glass window but the connection speed was poor. A Kamehameha Schools employee did tell me that their wifi was designed for outdoor use only.

Starbucks – Waikiki Trade Center

Website Connect to Google Starbucks wifi hotspot. No bathroom inside store. Tall coffee for the price of a grande at other Starbuck stores outside of Waikiki.

Hilton Waikiki

(formerly Prince Kuhio Hotel)

I was pleasantly surprised that the Hilton offers free wifi. Look for hotspot hhonors. VPN connects readily here. The speed is not fast but usable, unlike Starbucks AT&T wifi.


Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf – Monsarrat/Diamond Head

Starbucks – 680 Ala Moana Blvd

True to form, this Starbuck’s AT&T wifi is abysmally slow.

Update 5/1/2014 – This Starbucks is still on AT&T wifi. No Google wifi yet. Speed is still really slow.

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