The Pioneering Minority plus God by Joy Dawson

This is one of the most encouraging and challenging messages I’ve heard in a long time. Can you believe that Joy Dawson is 84 years old? She is so alive and full of conviction. She’s a great, no-nonsense Bible teacher. I like how she makes no apologies for sharing verse after verse. Unlike some speakers, she makes sense and doesn’t ramble. Watch through to the end for some awesome stories of miraculous deliverances by angels.

This video is embedeed from Call2All Media.

Take aways:

  • be humble
  • trust completely in God
  • don’t be presumptuous but get God’s direction
  • don’t be jealous when others (especially younger ones) make victories in God

Learn more about Joy Dawson at her website. If you want to order a DVD of this message, it’s available on her website on page 3 of the DVD section.

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