Chengdu Office Rental Market

Q1 2010 Grade A Office Rentals

source: DTZ

City RMB/m2/month
Shanghai 185.54
Beijing 145
Hangzhou 117.71
Guangzhou 117.3
Xi’an 112.32
Chengdu 107.34
Tianjin 102.55
Nanjing 93.38
Qingdao 90.07
Dalian 86.91
Chongqing 62
Wuhan 56.4

Conventional Leased Offices

Normally leased office space require lengthy contracts and comes empty (i.e., you need to furnish the office with furniture and equipment).

According to DTZ, as of Q1 2010, Chengdu has 360,600 m2 of Grade A commercial office space with a 17 percent vacancy rate. Rent averages at 107 RMB/m2/month (this down from RMB115.9/m2/month in Q4 2008) and is projected to rise by 5 percent by the end of 2010.

For an explanation of the difference between Grades A, B & C of office space read “Categorization of office space is flexible“.

Serviced Offices

Executive suites or business centers, where office space is fully furnished and then rented out to other companies, are called serviced offices in China. Serviced offices normally allow for flexible rental terms.

Serviced Office Providers in Chengdu

  • TheMoveChannel
    • South Lippo Tower: 元 3800-8500/workstation/month
    • Times Plaza: 元 2500-4500/workstation/month
    • Shidu: 元 880-1500/workstation/month
  • Regus
  • – four options
    • Times Plaza, Zonfu Road, Jin Jiang District
    • Shangri-La Office Tower, Binjiang East Road, Jin Jiang District
    • Lippo Tower, Kehua Bei Road, Wu Hou District
    • Beixin Street, Jin Jiang District

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  1. hello,
    We currently pay full price rent a business center in Shanghai. Convenient location, but a bit pricey.
    To reduce costs, there are several solutions: work from home + "virtual office" rent an office in "direct" (no business center) or share an office with other clubs.
    From a legal standpoint, it was explained that the representative offices must register in an "A-grade office."
    Since we are already registered, is what this obligation still holds? A box suggested I register my office elsewhere and to work on the basis of a virtual office …

    In short, my question is: what is legal, accepted … advice? What are the risks?

    Thank you for your help!

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