April 24, 2010

Chengdu Office Rental Market

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Categorization of office space is flexible

serviced offices(more…)

April 23, 2010

Chinese Rap (说唱)

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The Pioneering Minority plus God by Joy Dawson

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April 20, 2010

Chengdu SaaS Startup Feasibility

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feasibility studywholly foreign owned enterprise(more…)

April 17, 2010

Investing in China’s Second Tier Cities

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Learning Mandarin Chinese in Chengdu

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forum thread from 2003

Keep Current with New Music on YouTube

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playlist of 18 (new) Christian songs

April 15, 2010

Doctor Who: Animated Mini-Series

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Doctor WhoThe Infinite QuestDreamland

Video Playlists for Small Groups

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April 10, 2010

To Chengdu, or not to Chengdu?

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PhotoMaik Lindner

Chengdu Map

Chengdu Metro

Chengdu Metrohorrendous traffic problem

Line 1 of the Chengdu Metro is scheduled to open in October 2010. If we move to Chengdu, it’d be great to live near a metro station.

Ministry of Environmental Protectiondaily air quality data

particulate matter

64% more expensive to live in Shanghai than Chengdu37% more expensive in Beijing2009 report by ECA International

Zhang Yimouone of China’s top ten most livable cities

Driving through Chengdu’s Downtown

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