Newsletter March 2010

Dear friends and family,

So much has happened since the beginning of the year when we sent out our last newsletter. We …

  1. went to Taiwan
  2. applied for China visas to visit friends in Chengdu
  3. (Truman) preached at a Brazilian church
  4. all caught a stomach virus (and learned about household hygiene)
  5. celebrated birthday week for Elisabeth

And now we are preparing for two upcoming events:

  1. Elisabeth’s mom’s 60th birthday party
  2. a two day relationship seminar for singles called OnePlusOne

New Hope Taipei

During our visit to Taiwan (Jan 3-13) we got to spend quality time with the pastors of New Hope Taipei, Steven and Joyce Hsaio. They shared their vision for the new church, scheduled to open in August of this year, and introduced us to other team members. It was a great trip of discovering more of how we would fit into this ministry and also the practical side of living in Taipei. And of course, we did some touristy stuff! Steven and Joyce took us to a museum, drove us out to nearby mountains too see an amazing view of Taipei, took us to Taipei 101, and all throughout, treated us to delicious Taiwanese food! We were also blessed to visit a YWAM base in the nearby county of Danshui and throughout the trip, reconnected with old friends from Hawaii who were living in or visiting Taipei. Now, back in Japan, we are prayerfully considering what we should do in the future. We know that God has great plans and we’re trusting in Him to speak to us!


OnePlusOne - Relationship Seminar

As for the “Relationship Seminar”, it started from a casual conversation between us and Elisabeth’s sister, Joanna, who leads the youth ministry at church. Families in Japan often have no real sense of love, security, or trust. Many fathers are absent (physically and emotionally) and sexual immorality is commonplace. Many single Christians in Japan struggle with finding a suitable spouse and relationship problems between family members seem too difficult to overcome. But, we know Someone who has the answers! We are so excited about presenting this 2 day seminar to single Christians in our city of Hamamatsu and have invited 8 churches to participate! Please pray for us as we prepare and seek God for what to say, how to say it, and most of all, for His presence and power to touch the lives of these dear believers. The dates are March 26th and 27th!

OnePlusOne seminar flyer (2.6 MB)

Misc News

Last month we got to take a road trip to visit a town that used to be a village for ninjas! We visited the museum and later got to relax in an onsen. What a life!

Spring is almost here. Last weekend was warm enough to wear a T-shirt to the park where we took pictures in front of ume (or plum) trees that are in bloom.

On the night before Elisabeth’s birthday the Fowler’s watched Noah so we could go out on a movie date, our first movie out since Truman’s mom watched Noah back in May 2009 so we could see Star Trek. First we went to a fantastic little mom-n-pop tempura restaurant where the cook actually dips the tempura into the boiling pot of oil with his fingers. Then we got to watch Avatar in 3D. That was fun! On her birthday we had a surprise party with lots of family and friends that have known her since she was a child.

Noah had his first haircut, is walking all the time now and laughs all the time. Our little boy is getting bigger!

We are so thankful for all of you and never stop missing you!!! Thank you for your prayers…they REALLY help! Keep sending us updates and pics of you and your family! We love hearing from you!

Truman, Elisabeth and Noah

p.s. You can click on any of the above pictures to see more photos.

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  1. Omg! Sounds like u guys are having some awesome time there and I hope to see more updates from you guys too =D!

    P.S. Avatar is the best movie ever haha!

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