Speaking In Japan

When we prepared to move to Japan for about half a year, it didn’t cross my mind that God would open up doors for me and Elisabeth to speak.

On Christmas night, I got to share my first message at a church. My father-in-law, Ben Fowler, pastor of Hamamatsu Sukuinushi Kyokai invited me to share at the Friday night Bible study which happened to fall on Christmas day. After much Bible study, I shared a message using Keynote with lots of slides of scripture about how we must get ready for Christ’s second coming because it will not be like his first.

Back in December, Yukio Okada invited me to speak at his church, J.MEAD Takaoka. Last night we got to lead the congregation in the worship song, “Above All” which in Portuguese is “Bem mais que tudo”. I listened to the Aline Barros recording on YouTube over and over and practically memorized the song in Portuguese!

We were welcomed so warmly by the church members and the pastor. We felt so blessed. I love the J.MEAD church in Takaoka. They love the Lord and are exuberant in praise and powerful in prayer.

The interesting thing about getting to know Yukio and other Japanese Brazilians is that it dawned on me that my last two pastors have the same ethnic mix as they do, being that they are both part Japanese and part Portuguese: John Vierra and Wayne Cordeiro. What a coincidence! Being at Yukio’s church made me so happy to see how God has blessed Japan by bringing such strong believers from Brazil to Japan. And I also got to eat super ono Portuguese Bean Soup (Sopa de Feijao) last night after the service! So even though we missed out on the Punahou Carnival this year, at least I got to eat authentic Portuguese bean soup!

Also, my always-joyful sister-in-law, Joanna, is organizing a two day relationship seminar on March 26-27, 2010 for Christian singles in Hamamatsu that Elisabeth and I get to team teach. It will be called OnePlusOne where the idea is 1+1 equals two people connected by the cross. Check out the flyer Joanna made: OnePlusOne Flyer We’ve never done anything like this before. So please pray for us!

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  1. Hallelujah! We had great time with you Mano(Brother). God used you powerfully, and all of us felt the powerfully and singular God´s presence. May God bless you so very much! Big Hug and God bless…

    Your mano,

    Yukio Okada.

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