Charity Concert by Chu Kosaka

Today I attended a Christmas concert attended by about two hundred people and put on by the Hamamatsu Christian Center at the Hamanako Royal Hotel in Hamamatsu, Japan. The church is co-pastored by Elisabeth’s grand aunt, Berni Marsh, who has been a missionary in Japan for almost 50 years!

The charity concert raised $3,000 for Food for the Hungry to feed hungry children. The artists who sang at the concert were Chu Kosaka and his adult daughter Ami Asiah. The concert was also evangelistic. Chu Kosaka told his testimony of how his daughter, when she was two years old, pulled down a hot pot from the stove and his daughter was burned all over her body. During that terrible trial, Chu couldn’t even sing. It was then that he began to find hope in Christ.

Please pray for the people who don’t believe in Jesus who attended the concert that they will themselves desire to know Christ. Probably about half of the attendees were not Christians. Aunt Berni says that most times these people that will come to concerts will never also show up to church.

Here is a YouTube video featuring Mr. Kosaka.

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