From Honolulu to Hamamatsu

Hi everyone!

Aloha from one odda island! We made it to Japan, arriving 2 days ago and welcomed by Elisabeth’s family and friends here. We had a nice little time having breakfast with Truman’s parents outside of the Hawaii airport.

The flight was really good…Noah was a little fussy but nothing too awful. And God blessed us by not having to pay any extra fees for all our luggage. We looked life refugees traveling with 5 boxes tied with strips of old sheets, 3 suitcases, knapsacks, and a baby. It was quiet the adventure.

We feel like so much has happened already here in Hamamatsu and that our Hawaii life was a long time ago. Strange how we could be in one country just the other day and now be living in a totally different environment. Truman and I went walking the first morning and he commented that it felt like an Asian Europe over here. The neighborhood that my parents live in has a lot of closely built homes, narrow roads, and little shops and supermarkets along the way. We walked alongside a river bank lined with cherry trees, the branches almost bare. The air is chilly but not too cold, a light jacket was enough. At night, it’s colder outside and we’ve been sleeping under several blankets.

Noah refuses to wear socks (never has in all his little life). I guess when his toes start to get frostbite, he’ll succumb. ha, ha. We walked to the apt we will be moving into which took only about 8-10 minutes from my parents’ house. The building looks fairly new and clean from the outside. 2 or 3 doors down is a Nepalese curry restaurant that looks really yummy! 2 nice supermarkets are within walking distance and a bus route close by. We forgot to take our camera but will take pics today and send some your way!

We had an appointment with the realtor for our apt. yesterday. We met them along with my dad and handed over a wapping sum of money…almost 5 months of ren! So, today, we will get the keys and be allowed to start moving things in. After over a month of moving, packing, and cleaning, we’re looking forward to getting settled into our new home! Here’s a map of our neighborhood. We’ll be only 0.7 km away the Fowler house!

View Our Hamamatsu Neighborhood in a larger map

We bought a cell phone already (the prepaid kine that doesn’t require a contract). Unlimited text/email for only 300 yen a month!

Last night Elisabeth’s mom made us a nice dinner and surprised us with anniversary gifts … socks that really came in handy because it’s COLD here!

It was bittersweet leaving all of you in Hawaii. And if I think too long and hard about, I’m gonna start crying so I’ll just say, WE LOVE YOU!!! You are the awesomest peeps in all the world and we’re so grateful for your hearts of generosity and love towards us. We’ll keep in touch, k?

Your missionary friends,
Elisabeth, Truman, and Noah

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  1. Wow, didn't realize you guys were moving so quickly, I guess I thought it would be next year! Glad you all are doing well and I know you will do great where God has you!

  2. Wow, you guys made it! Jaycee told me how cold it's getting, so I'm sure them socks will come in handy — and yes, I'm sure Noah will be begging to wear some soon too… We sure are gonna miss you guys but at the same time are excited for you too. Keep the blog going! Aghhh! I miss the smell of Noah's head already!!!

  3. Truman and Eliz: Happy for you arrived Japan safely. So happy to see your picture with your parents. By the way, congratulation on your 3rd wedding anniversary. Good luck.

  4. Truman, Elisabeth, and Noah,
    Soooo glad you guys made it here safely! Hope moving in and getting everything together wasn't too stressful. Give Noah a hug for me, and I'll be seeing you soon-ish! Also, happy belated anniversary. You guys are the best. God bless!

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