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I’ve been working on extending anĀ MooEditable (a MooTools Javascript powered WYSIWYG in-browser HTML editor) by Lim Chee Aun which integrates Ascribe Dialog and uses icons from famfamfam with WordPress-inspired buttons.

I’m very excited about MooEditable because I’ve never before felt that I could have complete control over the previous HTML editors that I’ve used before. It is much more intuitive for the user to be able to interact with elements directly in the editor when possible rather than having to use the toolbar. With MooEditable, I can finally do that. So far, I’ve got a pretty robust link functionality. Next up: write a customized image button which utilizes Ascribe Dialog, allows uploads from the users computer and browsing of photo albums in the Ascribe CMS for photos to insert.

Source code of this fork

Demo … try clicking on a link in the editor

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