My Wallet Returned by an Honest Man

On Monday morning around 6:30 am, I strapped Noah into the ergo and took a walk out to Watanabe Bakery to get a fresh loaf of bread and 99 cent day-old anpan.

It wasn’t until the next morning that I realized that my wallet was missing. Elisabeth drove us back to Watanabe Bakery but they hadn’t had a lost wallet reported. No recent charges had been made on the credit cards. We searched and searched the apartment. No wallet.

I spent Tuesday morning working at a cafĂ©. On my walk home, I thought about Bill Johnson‘s story about the guy who lost his knife and said to God, “I want my knife back.” Just then, his knife fell down in front of him. So I told God, “I want my wallet back.”

I haven’t been in a very good mood lately. With my business, I often feel like I’m trying fill an ocean with a bucket. There’s a proverb that says that hope deferred makes the heart sick. And that’s been me for many years. It comes and goes but lately I’ve felt very discouraged. So losing my wallet was just one more challenge. I was afraid of identity theft and worried about having to replace my credit cards. Just yesterday, when I went running I was thinking about how worried I have been lately and asked God to help me trust Him. I thought about the verse that says that without faith we cannot please God. “God, give me faith to trust You.”

This morning, just after 6 am, I had a missed call on my cell phone with two text messages to call a certain phone number. I wondered who would call so early and not even leave a voicemail. I called the number. A man named Stefan answered and said he had my wallet! He had found it Monday morning and had been trying to reach me. Later it dawned on me that he had called and left a message for me on Monday afternoon, but I didn’t recognize him so I didn’t call him back … I had planned to but since I was in such a bad mood, I’d been putting it off until I felt happier. At the time, I didn’t realize I had lost my wallet.

Stefan passes by Watanabe Bakery on his way to work in the mornings so we arranged to meet there this morning. Noah and I walked out to meet him. He said that he had found the wallet by the fence and because I was unlisted he went through the wallet to find information about me. When he got home, he told his family that he had found a wallet. His kids asked him how much money was in it. “Why do you ask how much money was in there?” he demanded from his kids. “About fifty dollars,” he replied. “But I spent it,” he told them. His wife knew he was just joking. “Thank God that there are honest people in the world,” I told Stefan. He told me that he had found a mustard seed card in my wallet.

I’m so thankful for Stefan. What an honest man. He is living out a great example for his children to follow as they grow up. He must have looked me up in the phone book. He called and left me a message. He then called again at least two more times before I finally called back. And he willing drove to meet me to return the wallet to me. When I got the wallet back, everything was in it just as I had left it. I gave him some money out of the wallet as a thank-you. He said that he would treat his kids to yogurt.

God thank You so much for looking out for me and my family. I’ve been having difficulty trusting You and just the morning after I had asked You for the grace to trust You, my wallet is back! You are a good God! Thank You so much. And please bless Stefan, his wife and their children. Thank You for Stefan’s good heart. Would You protect that family and pour out Your blessing upon them? Keep them safe from harm and let them come into Your family, if they aren’t yet, and be filled to overflowing with blessing. Increase my faith in You, God, even to the size of a mustard seed. I know that without faith it is impossible to please God. But I do want very much to please You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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