Letting Go of Your Past: Introduction

Letting Go of Your Past, a book by John & Paula Sanford, is part of the curriculum of the Elijah House Basic I training course which Elisabeth and I took last summer at our church, Living Streams Christian Fellowship. I’m finally getting around to reading the book. This is a book summary where every blog post will summarize a chapter.


Since the Industrial Revolution fathers have been less available to father their children. They were no longer near the home, working on the farm, available to parent children. Instead they went out to factories to work. In the modern world of two-income homes, it is rare even for the mother to be home to parent the children. Much of the parenting of the last few generations has been abdicated to the school system. As a result, people enter into marriage and parenthood without having been properly prepared and trained for it by their own parents. Training people to become effective spouses and parents is absolutely vital. The family unit is, after all, the basic building block of society. Doctors, attorneys and even athletes go through extensive training and exams before being certified to practice or play their profession. Preparation for marriage and parenthood is equally important. The purpose of this book is to help people to let go of the habits, hurts and attitudes they developed in their past lives, ostensibly as children, due to a lack of effective parenting. The book aims to teach people to apply the blood, cross and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ those wounds of the heart, bringing about healing and change through true repentance.

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