Pay It Forward … Or Else

The Parable of the Unmerciful ServantĀ (Matthew 18:21-35Open Link in New Window)

Jesus compares the king in this story to the heavenly Father. God is incredibly merciful just as the king in the parable forgave the huge debt his servant owed him. Yet if we abuse that mercy by not in turn showing mercy to others, then will withdraw his mercy and let us get what we deserve.

The truth is that we are all sinners and all deserve death and damnation. But God in His amazing love and compassion sent His Son to earth to suffer and die on our behalf. Because we have freely received such mercy we should also freely give such mercy to others. To not do so would be to trample the precious blood Christ underfoot. It is like a slap on the face of God. If we do this, then God is perfectly just in now withdrawing His wonderful mercy and allowing us to face the punishment that we deserve.

God is both merciful and just. Praise be to the God of heaven!

Lord, thank You from the depths of my heart for Your mercy and forgiveness. I am like the man who owed his master millions of dollars and could not pay back. You paid my debt for me. Help me never to forget Your kindness to me. Transform my heart toward others that I may have the same kindness toward them that You have toward me. Let me, through Christ, be an extension of Your kindness here on earth.

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