The Power to be Godly

They will act as if they are religious, but they will reject the power that could make them godly (2 Timothy 3:5Open Link in New Window).

Paul warned Timothy to beware of people who act religious but are actually only lovers of themselves rather than lovers of God. Life in this world is a constant struggle between light and darkness. Going the way of the dark side is easy because almost all roads lead to it. But there is only one Way to the light of the Truth and He is Jesus Christ.

The defining quality of the godly is that they know and follow the Truth. In comparison, the ungodly do not know the Truth. Their minds are depraved and their faith is counterfeit (v. 8). These evil people are deceived and they go on deceiving others (v. 13). They think they are good but they reject the power that can make them godly (v. 5). As a result, they are boastful, proud, mockers, disobedient, ungrateful, unfaithful, and they persecutye the truly godly.

The only way to make sure we don’t fall into the trap of the deceived is to embrace the Truth. The Word of God is the power Paul was referring to that can make us godly. There is power in the Holy Scriptures. God created all things by speaking His Word. His Word gives us wisdom to receive salvation by trusting in Jesus (v. 15). Paul teaches that all Scripture is inspired by God in order to show us the Truth, teach us to do right, and equip us to obey. God’s truth gives us the power to be godly and escape the deception in the world.

So how can I apply this power to be godly in my life? First, I must get the Truth by studying God’s Word and then I must be faithful to it (v. 14). And what God has begun in me, He will be faithful to complete.

Holy Spirit, guide me into all truth and give me understanding as I embrace Your Word. Give me the grace to be faithful to what You have taught me. Equip me with Your strength to do every good thing You want me to do. I trust in You, Lord. You alone have the power to make me truly bear Your image. 

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