Leaping Calves

“For you who fear my name, the Sun of Righteousness will rise with healing in His wings. And you will go free, leaping with joy like calves let out to pasture” (Malachi 4:2Open Link in New Window).

One day God is going to arrive suddenly in His Temple to judge His people. “Who will be able to stand and face Him when He appears?” the Bible asks (Malachi 3:2Open Link in New Window). On that Judgment Day, the Lord will be like a blazing fire, like the intense, super white-hot nuclear fusion reaction of a sun. But He won’t be far away like a twinkling star in some distant part of the galaxy. He will be right here on earth in His Temple in all His awesome and fearsome power. We who believe in Christ are Christ’s body; we have become His Temple here on earth. When Christ returns every eye will see. God will return in unimaginable power. His fire will burn away wickedness to purify His people. “The arrogant and wicked will be burned up like straw on that day. They will be completely consumed” (Malachi 4:1Open Link in New Window). The Day of the Lord will be a terrible day for those who do not fear God.

But it will be a day of healing and exuberant joy for those who fear God’s name. In heaven, God has a Book of Life (Rev 20:12Open Link in New Window) with the names of those who fear God and love to think about Him. They listen when God’s sends His messengers and they talk with each other about what God says (Malachi 3:16Open Link in New Window). When God finally comes in power, on that Judgment Day, He will rise as the Sun of Righteousness, the scripture says. For the people who fear Him, the intensity of His Righteous Light will not burn or destroy, but bring healing. And like calves that were penned up but then are released, so we shall also burst out with joy when we are finally released. In a blink of an eye our earthly mortal bodies will be instantly transformed into heavenly immortal bodies that will never die. We will be like those heifers frolicking for joy because that “healing in His wings” will finally give us eternal life. And then we will completely free from the power of sin and death (1 Corinthians 16:51-57Open Link in New Window).

Lord, You are so righteous and awesome. Help me fear Your name as I should. Let me love to think about You like those do whose names are written in the Book of Life. I can’t wait to be forever released from sin and death. Lord, thank You so much! Words cannot express the joy and freedom we will have on the Day You return in power. Come, Lord Jesus. Come soon!

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